Data Analytics

In today’s world, figures tell stories, especially figures in the financial statements (“accounting data”).  Those accounting data screams out a lot of information when you are able to use analytics to dissect the accounting data.

That information when derived, explains many things in the financial market.   We call this skill: Data Analytics.  Data analytics help a business optimize its performance.

Data analytics is broken down into four basic types:

(i) Descriptive analytics

It describes what has happened over a given period of time. For e.g.

  • Are sales stronger this month than last month?
  • Has debt collection improved this year as compared with last year?

(ii) Diagnostic analytics

It focuses more on why something happened.  This will involve more diverse data inputs and a bit of hypothesizing.  For e.g.

  • Why did cashflow deteriorate despite sales had increased this year?
  • Why did net profit margin dropped when sales had gone up?
  • How come trade receivables keep increasing when sales growth has not changed for two consecutive years?

(iii) Predictive analytics

It focuses on what is likely to happen in the near term.

(iv) Prescriptive analytics

It suggests a course of action.  For e.g.

  • The company has obtained a bank loan despite having healthy current asset ratio.  What is the purpose of that loan? Buying a tangible fixed asset or is an investment about to take place?

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