Financial Internal Audit


By offering internal audit service that aligns with leading practices, we believe we can help you to gain a more robust view of your business’s internal control.Financial Internal Audit is an independent assurance and consulting service with specific objectives like identifying the weakness in internal control, implementing procedures to overcome the weakness, in order to reduce dishonesty or fraud in the Company.We provide cost effective and quality audits with our certified accountants to give you the optimum service.

Some of the advantages and benefits are:

  • Providing an accurate and detail assessment of your internal financial system
  • Providing an assurance for the process of the system
  • Giving consulting advices on ways to improve any weakness in the system
  • Saving on staff costs such as idle time, training and any time off
  • Obtaining high standard of work without the high maintenance cost

Range of markets

  • Information Technology
  • Manufacturing & Engineering
  • Trading
  • Media & Entertainment
  • Construction
  • Consultancy & Support Services
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Education & Training

Why Us?

One-stop & Hassle Free

With our wide range of professional services, we are able to provide our clients with one-stop and hassle free solutions to serve all their companies’ needs.


Our Group & Associates have a team of professionals who are Public Accountants, Chartered Accountants, Tax Practitioners, Liquidators, Lawyers, Consultants and Valuers who are ready to serve you.


We have an experienced team with many years in the accounting, auditing, tax and consulting industry.


With our huge number of satisfied customers, we can assure you of our reliable services which you will not get elsewhere. You are able to reach to the Managers or Directors in-charge of your portfolio anytime despite that our staff handling your work are very reliable too.