Singapore IPO Consultancy Services

Getting the right IPO Consultancy normally up your chances in making your Company’s IPO a success. We all know IPO stands for Initial Public Offering, however what most business owners don’t know is, IPO is a strategic project that needs professional planning.  You have to think about a number of things since your company is highly likely to only go public once!

What are the requirements for a stock market listing? Before you even think of this question, you will have to ask yourself these first:

  • Are we ready to go public?
  • Why IPO? Is it because the Management has intention of helping the company expand into new geographical or product markets?
  • Does the company have sufficient capital?
  • Is the Management prepared to communicate actively and openly within the financial community?
  • How do I know what is the probable costs of an IPO?

You need a reliable partner who is prepared to offer you 100% support to make sure that your IPO is a success.  After all, IPO listings are a matter of trust.  Only successful IPO listings can benefit all: Your Company, Your Investors, Your Bank.

Every company is unique.  That is why customised advice is important since planning, executing and managing an IPO is a complex task for any company.   The better prepared your company is, the less costly the IPO process can be.

How we can help you:

  • We will review your Company’s current status and framework to ascertain if it meet the applicable standards and performance expected of a listed company.
  • Where places that we find deficiencies in, we assist in rectifying by performing ground work to strengthen, say the Company’s accounts recording system, tightening the Company’s internal control system (be it on the financial aspects or operational aspects) so that operational efficiency is being improved.   We will highlight and assist in addressing the problems and resolving the issues that may affect the listing process.
  • We can help you liaise with and resolve issues raised by the various professionals, e.g. financial accountants, auditors, lawyers, issuing manager for the IPO etc.
  • If you need further in-depth help, we can also work alongside with you to identify the most suitable market segment for your Company.
  • If your intention for IPO is to help your Company to expand into new markets by setting up an overseas presence in the near future to begin business development activities,   you may even be eligible to apply for a Overseas Marketing Presence (OMP) grant, capped at $100,000 per project.

Come to us

If you need assistance in this aspect, do feel free to come to us.  We can assist you out in this area. We have team of experts in IPO and also our Director is also an Independent Director of a listed company.

Why Us?

One-stop & Hassle Free

With our wide range of professional services, we are able to provide our clients with one-stop and hassle free solutions to serve all their companies’ needs.


Our Group & Associates have a team of professionals who are Public Accountants, Chartered Accountants, Tax Practitioners, Liquidators, Lawyers, Consultants and Valuers who are ready to serve you.


We have an experienced team with many years in the accounting, auditing, tax and consulting industry.


With our huge number of satisfied customers, we can assure you of our reliable services which you will not get elsewhere. You are able to reach to the Managers or Directors in-charge of your portfolio anytime despite that our staff handling your work are very reliable too.