We can help your company to review existing processes and identify possible areas to improve efficiency.  This will definitely help to generate more revenue streams to the company or reduce your operating costs significantly.  Process redesign is one form of innovation that is the key to continuing being successful in the future.

How we do it?

  1. We will review your current workflow and processes.
  2. We will explore the use of technology to automate processes and henceforth assist you to reduce or remove redundant processes.
  3. We will develop a tracking and measurement system so all is aware of the performance indicators to look out for.
  4. We will then help you to develop a detailed roadmap of actions for further improvement.

It has been said by a leader in global forecasting and quantitative analysis that it predicts there will be 20 million robots in use by 2030. Whilst the impact of this will be significant on countries that are unprepared for the onslaught, Singapore’ advanced ecosystem and supportive regulatory structure sees it well-placed to benefit from new generation robotics.   Hence Enterprise Development Grant (“EDG”) does enable enterprise businesses to get appropriate grant assistance when the business owners used automation and technology to generate automation solutions that can result in tangible benefits and significant growth.

We have experts in CoSeClinic that can assist you in the procedures and paperwork that is required if you wish to tap on this grant.

How we do it?

  1. We will assess and suggest which hardware and/or software solutions are suitable for your business to adopt or develop
  2. We can perform research for you on the choices of purchase of machinery and integration of systems when you are developing the solutions.
  3. At certain stage, we can help you train your staff to deploy the automation solutions.

To defray the cost of large-scale deployment of automation solutions, eligible businesses can also apply for Automation Support Package (“ASP”) from Enterprise Singapore.   If you require, we can further help you on this ASP.

In today’s world, SMEs have come to be aware that besides having core products that generate a steady source of income into their business, there is an imminent need for new product development in order to grow further and stay at the forefront of the global market. It is risky to develop a new product if insufficient research had been carried out.  On the other hand, comprehensive research is never cheap.    However, SMEs in Singapore need not worry as they are supported by Enterprise Singapore related grant assistance up to 50% for qualified software and equipment costs; up to 70% for all other qualified costs.

We can help you to make the assessment appropriately and ensure that you are on the correct road to fulfilling the requirements and getting onto the correct path when you wish to proceed to apply for the necessary grants to ease the cashflow in your business.

How we do it?

  1. We will help you perform an assessment of the market viability for the target product that you have in mind to understand does it lead to the end goal of commercialisation.
  2. We will carry out processes to evaluate the potential demand and user understanding of the product
  3. We will develop a product roadmap (that you can refer to) and advise proposed functionalities for the product.
  4. We will assist you when you are in the process of developing a prototype and small batch production (where applicable).

Come to us

If you need assistance in this Innovation process, do feel free to come to us.  We can assist you out in this area.

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